UpSpring Milkflow Max Fenugreek + Shatavari to Support Lactation and Aid Digestion, 30 Count Pills

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Take your breast milk production to the max with only one Milkflow™ Max Fenugreek + Shatavari capsule a day. UpSpring’s Milkflow Max is the only once a day breastfeeding supplement with a super blend of fenugreek, shatavari, blessed thistle and more to help promote healthy breast milk supply. Also contains tumeric to support mind, body and spirit. Fenugreek has been used for centuries by breastfeeding mothers to help increase milk supply. MilkflowMax contains the leading galactagogues (fenugreek, shatavari, blessed thistle, anise and more) to naturally promote healthy breast milk supply. Mikflow Max uses concentrated, micronized ingredients so your body can more effectively absorb the herbs to help increase lactation. Some herbs can cause digestive upset but by micronizing our ingredients, like ginger, Milkflow Max helps reduce these side effects and helps aid in better digestion for mom and baby.

Milkflow Max is made with pure fenugreek seed extract and other concentrated herbs so you only need to take one potent capsule per day. Each powerful capsule contains 3,600 mg (concentrated at 30:1) of fenugreek plus shatavari, blessed thistle and anise. Milkflow Max fenugreek plus shatavari capsules are the ultimate in effectiveness and convenience for breastfeeding moms looking to increase milk supply.* No artificial anything! Milkflow Max is all natural, gluten free, non GMO and does not contain any artificial ingredients or fillers. Take one Milkflow Max capsule a day and let your milk flow!

Contains 30 vegetarian capsules. Lactation consulant recommneded.


  • SUPER BLEND OF FENUGREEK, SHATAVARI, BLESSED THISTLE & MORE to help promote healthy milk supply
  • TAKE ONLY 1 CAPSULE PER DAY: includes micronized ginger to help reduce digestive upset for people with sensitivity to fenugreek
  • 3,600 mg of fenugreek and other herbs in each capsule for lactation and breastmilk support
  • CONCENTRATED, MICRONIZED INGREDIENTS are more easily absorbed and go to work quickly to increase breast milk supply

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