Twisty Petz Series 3 Collectible Bracelet Gift Set for Kids Aged 4 and Up, Ombre, Pack of 8

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  • FASHIONABLE COLLECTIBLE JEWELERY: Twisty Petz are the gem bracelets that transform into adorable, collectible animals! Make a bracelet, wear on a backpack or take them with you on the go!
  • 8 TWISTY PETZ AND 8 CHARMS: 8 of your favorite Twisty Petz animals, like a puppy, kitty and unicorn; and 8 charms are included! With a twist, your adorable pet comes to life! To turn into a bracelet, simply pull apart, add a charm and connect the ends!
  • EXCLUSIVE OMBRÉ FINISH: Each Twisty Petz included comes in an exclusive colorful ombré finish, the perfect addition to your Twisty Petz collection!
  • Twisty Petz are cute collectible bracelets for kids aged 4 and up. Add these 8 colorful petz to your collection!
  • Includes: 8 Twisty Petz, 8 Charms, 1 Collector’s Guide

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