St Michel Madeleine, Classic French Sponge Cake 100 - count

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  • 100 count
  • Individually wrapped
  • Made in and Imported from France
  • Free-range eggs
  • Non-GMO ingredients
Moist and buttery sponge cakes with the traditional European madeleine flavor of almond. The Classic Madeleine is baked in the shape of seashell with ridges on one side and a “belly” on the other. Each madeleine is individually-wrapped for portion control and convenience.

The Origin of the Madeleine:
18th century King Stanislas 1st, Duke of Lorraine
During a festive dinner party in Commercy, France, the king’s chef abruptly left the kitchen. Seeking a solution to feed his guests dessert, a servant girl in the kitchen offered to make her family’s traditional pastry. The king enjoyed the little cake so much that he named it after the servant: Madeleine.

Baked with non-GMO ingredients and free-range eggs. No preservatives, palm oil, hydrogenated oil or colorings. Baked with love in France.

We all have our Madeleine moment:
    • Enjoy everyday for breakfast, snack or dessert (Just as the French do!)
    • Pack in lunches or backpacks for school
    • Serve during business, book club or PTA meetings
    • Cut in half and fill with jelly or chocolate hazelnut spread
    • Decorate cakes or cupcakes with classic seashell shape

  • 100 count
  • Individually wrapped
  • Free-range eggs
  • Non-GMO ingredients

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