Spa Gift Basket with Tropical Coconut Fragrance in Large Willow Basket,

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Best Mother's Day Gift, Birthday, or Anniversary Basket for Women, Bath set Includes Shower Gel, Bubble Bath, Bath Bombs & More!

Touch of Deluxe

Escape to your tropical paradise with every soak in the tub; teleport to a world of relaxation with every lather of lotion. Our Tropical
Coconut bath set is formulated to create a spa-like experience right in your own home. You’ll love the beautifully balanced
fragrance and premium products that hydrate, rejuvenate and treat your skin to a youthful glow without any irritation. Every
bath gift basket comes with 400ml bubble bath, 400ml shower gel, 120ml body scrub, 120ml body lotion, 100g bath salts in a
paper box; everything you need to step out of the shower floating on cloud nine.

Show Some Love

Shopping around for a unique birthday gift for her? Looking for a holiday, anniversary, graduation, housewarming or thank you
gift to appreciate that friend, family member, or colleague? Then you simply can’t go wrong with a bath gift basket! But
presentation really is what sets apart our gift baskets from the rest. We obsess over every detail from the choice of materials,
arrangements of the products to the color scheme to ensure that special someone gasps in delight at first glimpse. Want to get
one long heartfelt thank you note? Then treat them with Giftsational!

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