Sid Wainer & Son Entertaining Essentials

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  • 8oz Farmhouse Cheddar
  • 14oz New England Coulommier
  • 2lb avg Wisconsin Mountain Bleu
  • 2.5lb avg Mountain Gouda
  • 14oz Bouchevrette
  • 5oz Everything Lavash Crackers
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Sid Wainer & Son® Entertaining Essentials Cheese Collection will make your next party unforgettable with this delightful collection of cheeses from around the globe.  Artisans from France, England, the USA and Italy have produced an unforgettable display of artisanal cheeses & crackers.

Kilchurn Estate® Farmhouse Cheddar- The color of this popular cheese ranges from white to pale yellow with a sharp, bold taste and crumbly texture.  This traditional English cow’s milk cheddar is farmstead cheese, meaning every aspect of the cheese is managed by the estate, from the pasture, to the maturing cellars, and the carefully controlled packaging process.  It is made using pasteurized cow’s milk and aged for eight months.  Kosher.

Southcoast Farms® New England Coulommier- Pasteurized cow's milk and cream is hand ladled into cylindrical molds and carefully aged for 3 weeks to develop a smooth, bloomy rind, lush, buttery flavor, and silky texture.

Jansal Valley® Wisconsin Mountain Bleu- Our Wisconsin Mountain Bleu is a handcrafted cheese from our country’s cheese making capital. This American cheese maker uses European techniques when creating this mild bleu. It is made using pasteurized cow’s milk and aged for three months to develop its spicy bite.

Jansal Valley® Mountain Gouda- This local Massachusetts farmstead cheese is made using raw Holstein milk and aged for 60 days in a process overseen from start to finish by our artisan producer. It has a semi-hard texture and rich, unique flavor.

L’essence du Fromage® Bouchevrette- This delightful cheese is made using fresh pasteurized goats' milk resulting in a sweeter, milder and richer flavored cheese.  This cheese is aged for two weeks for the rind to develop.  This soft ripened bloomy rind cheese has a velvety texture that is amazing on any cheese board.

Domaine de Provence® Everything Lavash Crackers- These thin, crispy crackers are gold-medal winning, featuring sesame seeds, caraway seeds, and poppy seeds. They are hand-crafted using all-natural, simple ingredients and are Non-GMO Project Certified.

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