Purple Ladybug Novelty Squishy Mesh Ball Variety 6 Stress Relief Squishy Mesh Balls

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  • SUPER SILLY, SUPER FUN! Get huge giggles and ridiculous amounts of fun when you or your child squeezes our mesh squishy ball for the first time... and the fun keeps coming until they pop open to deliver the slime inside! These mesh balls are designed for maximum delight both when they are whole and as a delivery for oozing goey slime!
  • NON-TOXIC SLIME! These WILL pop - and then you're left with fun squishy slime! We found the perfect balance between oozing squishy slimey fun and durability. These balls will take squishing but they'll also pop after lots of play or if given a pounding! That makes for even more fun when the slime comes out. Don't Worry, the slime inside is NON-TOXIC! Remember, if the ball was so thick that it wouldn't break, it also wouldn't squeeze through the mesh and that's why they're such a blast!
  • BONUS ITEMS - Our mesh stress ball squishies set is the only one that comes with a unique bonus pack with scented stickers, 3D puffy stickers, teacher reward stickers and rainbow scratch paper with a wooden stylus pen - added value, extra fun!
  • ULTRA-STRESS RELIEF TOY FOR ADULTS - These mesh balls are fascinating and a great way to squeeze away stress. Give your mesh stress ball a squeeze and feel the grape-like bubbles well up between your fingers. There's nothing quite like them!
  • SQUISHY MESH BALL - Perfect for loot bags, party favors, small kid reward gifts. Make awesome gifts for kids or adults! Give them individually to friends or the beautifully packaged 6-pack box as a gift. It's ready for wrapping! Let your friends know that once they pop, they should enjoy the slippery gooey slime inside! (But - keep that bright colored slime on smooth surfaces and away from carpet, favorite clothes and furniture!)