Nicorette Quit Smoking Aid 2mg. or 4mg., Fruit Chill Gum 200 Pieces

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  • Original Blister Pack: 2 Cartons, 100 Pieces Each
  • Fruit Chill Flavor
  • 2 mg. or 4 mg. of Nicotine Polacrilex Gum
  • Nicotine gum is chewing gum specially formulated with nicotine to help you kick your smoking habit one craving at a time. It’s a form of nicotine replacement that’s available in 2 mg and 4 mg for effective craving relief. A prescription is not required for nicotine gum.
  • Nicotine gum is an ideal stop smoking aid if you:
    • Want a portable method of nicotine replacement

    • Would like to control your intake of nicotine
    • Prefer to give your mouth the relief of chewing

    • As stated in the directions, you can enjoy an extra piece of gum within the hour for sudden cravings

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