Lactaid Fast Act, 120 Caplets

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  • For The Prevention of Gas, Bloating and Diarrhea
  • Natural Lactase Enzyme Supplement
  • Helps Make Dairy Easier to Digest
  • What is Lactose Intolerance?
  • Lactose is the primary sugar found in dairy products. Lactase is an enzyme your body produces to help you digest that sugar. If you don’t have enough lactase, you might experience gas, bloating, cramps, or diarrhea after you eat dairy products. That’s called being lactose-intolerant.

    • Who is at risk for lactose intolerance? Lactose intolerance can affect anybody, but some people are at a higher risk, including older adults and those from African-American, Hispanic, Asian, or Jewish descent.
    • What foods contain lactose? Lactose is the main sugar found in milk. Dairy products like milk, cheese, ice cream, and more all contain lactose. If you are lactose intolerant, talk with your doctor to get a complete list of foods you need to avoid on a lactose-free diet.
  • You know the feeling – 30 minutes to a couple of hours after eating dairy, your stomach starts to grumble. You put up with it, because you don’t want to give up your favorite foods. Here are some of the common symptoms of dairy sensitivity and lactose intolerance:
    • Abdominal pain
    • Diarrhea
    • Gas
    • Bloating

    Discomfort can be mild or severe, depending on how much lactose you ate and how deficient you are in lactase, the enzyme that breaks down milk sugars.

    Some people get severe symptoms when they eat any milk-based foods that contain lactose, while others can tolerate small servings of their favorite dairy treats.

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