Exclusive Grown Up Game for Couples - Lolly Vibes - Exciting Questions, Funny Tasks, Unusual Challenges - Perfect Get to Know Each Other

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Size:8 x 2 x 8 inch


Couple Who Play Together, Stay Together!

Lolly Vibes is a compelling card game that has been specially developed to bring happy vibes to you and your partner!

Whether you’re starting your relationship now or you’ve been together for many years, this couples love board game for him and her is guaranteed to make your bond stronger

So How Is This Promising Couples Game Played?

The Lolly Vibes package includes 300 cards, some for the man, some for the woman, and some common ones

Each player has to answer the questions on the cards or perform some tasks from various categories:


In this way, they can collect the Missions cards and eventually win the Bonus card, which is a task that the loser must perform during the next days

Here Are Some Questions From The Lolly Vibes Cards:

Write a poem for your partner that rhymes the following pairs of words together:night/bite and bliss/hiss(RELATIONSHIPS)
Tell me "You look fabulous today" in a nervous manner, a shy manner, and a suspicious manner (REFLECTIONS)
I am Adam and you are Eve. You must convince me to eat the forbidden fruit (SENSATIONS)
Each partner makes a paper plane. Go outside and make fly your planes. The partner whose plane flies the furthest wins the card (COMPETITION)
For the next (14) days, you will arrange a date in the highest place you know (BONUS)

It's a top thing for couples and the brain game at the same time. So What Are You Waiting For?


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