Everlasting Comfort Airplane Footrest - Adjustable Foot Hammock

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  • Everlasting Comfort Airplane Footrest - Adjustable Foot Hammock - Travel Foot Rest - Premium Memory Foam Airplane Accessories
  • ✈️ 100 Percent Premium Foam Lining: We’ve made sure our travel foot rest feels just like first class even if you’re in economy. Our high quality memory foam provides a soft, yet supportive foot cradle that minimizes fatigue and discomfort. It lets you relax and enjoy your flight
  • ✈️ Dual Foot Rest Area Separates Feet: You want comfort and support, not clashing feet and ankles. Worry no more, our airplane foot hammock is designed with dual foot rest areas, one for each foot, so you can keep your feet separated and comfortable. Just sit back and relax
  • ✈️ Unique and Customized Fit: Designed to take miserable airplane seating from awful to comfortable in an instant. No matter your size, the top and bottom adjustable straps of our ergonomic footrest will help you find your sweet spot. Video installation guide included
  • ✈️ Reinforced Ribs: Unlike other footrests that lose their shape over time, our airplane foot rest features reinforced ribs along the bottom for unbeatable rigidity and comfort. These ribs make it one of the strongest airplane accessories and will make it last for years to come
  • ✈️ Lifetime Replacement Policy: At Everlasting Comfort we take your experience with our products to heart. And to show that we’re here to help, we pledge to replace your product should anything ever go wrong. Relax comfortably knowing we have you covered

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