Encyclopedia Britannica: World Information Atlas 6 Book Interactive Library

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  • Ages: 6+
Perfect for children aged 6-10, this box set lets kids learn at their own pace from a trusted content provider, Encyclopedia Britannica. This set contains 6 64-page books and an electronic SD-X Interactive Pen. Touch the pen to photographs, detailed maps, word definitions, and other locations on the page to hear audio and play games. 

There are over 3,000 audio touch points and approximately 17 hours of audio. Play learning games that let you interact with the page! Hear national anthems for 195 countries; learn about dinosaurs, Stone Age tools, and the development of sports and musical instruments; explore the world’s oceans including their geography, their resources, and their wildlife; find out more about inventors, leaders, writers, and other historical figures who have changed the world; explore weather, volcanoes, and earthquakes; and go on road trips all around the world.

Recommended Ages: 6+
Format: Hardcover

    • Encyclopedia Britannica: Adventures
    • Encyclopedia Britannica: Forces of Nature
    • Encyclopedia Britannica: History
    • Encyclopedia Britannica: People
    • Encyclopedia Britannica: Oceans
    • Encyclopedia Britannica: World Atlas

  • Six 64-Page Books
  • 1 SD-X Interactive Pen
  • Free 6-Month Membership to Britannica Online

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