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  • WHAT IT IS: The perfect companion for the action seeker, the Toiing blastoi is an air-powered gun that is perfect for a dose of adventure
  • WHO IT IS FOR: Anyone above 5 years of age seeking fun and is safe enough to be used indoors as well as outdoors
  • CHILD-SAFE FOAM BULLETS: It comes with soft foam bullet balls that do not hurt and are perfectly safe to be played with, both indoors and outdoors
  • EASY TO USE: Simply load the balls by pushing them through the mouth of the gun and pull the handle of the gun back and forth quickly to create enough pressure in the gun to shoot. The harder you push, the farther your bullets go
  • WHY GIFT THIS: This super fun and action packed gun is a must-have for all the little superheroes in disguise out there. Combine it with a target set or paper cups to double the fun
  • Ludotoi
  • WHAT IT IS: A fun twist to the good old game of Ludo. Pick your side - Police or Pirates and race your way to the hidden treasure of the island. This one has a fun spin on the regular ludo and you can conspire together as teams to beat the other side!
  • WHAT'S INSIDE: Treasure Island Game board, 8 Pirate pawns, 8 Police pawns and a dice
  • HOW TO PLAY: Pick a side and form 2 teams - pirates in one team and police in the other. If there are 3 players, the player without a team gets a secret superpower! Each player gets a super move that can be used only once in the game, so choose your moves wisely to get to the treasure first as a team!
  • CAVE & PRISON TILES: A police pawn gets captured by pirates in a cave while a pirate pawn gets captured by police in the prison. You can be freed only when your teammate calls for backup by rolling a six.
  • WHY GIFT THIS: This a great family game option for families with younger kids and forming teams adds to the excitement. It helps kids get a start on strategy play and cooperating to win
  • Memorytoi
  • WHAT IT IS: A captivating electronic memory toy for children above 3 years of age which enhances memory and develops patience, the game is all about repeating the sequence of colours in the order in which they flash
  • HOW TO PLAY: Press the Start button to begin the first round, observe the order in which the coloured buttons flash on the Memorytoi and press them in the same order before the buzzer goes off. Please make sure you remove the white strip at the back to activate the batteries
  • MULTI-LEVEL PLAY: The number of colours in a sequence keeps increasing with every correct iteration of the sequence of colours. The game offers 40 levels of play!
  • GREAT FOR TRAVEL: Play solo or play with friends to replay the longest sequence of colours - this is the perfect game to carry on trips (comes with light & sound - sound can't be disabled)
  • WHY GIFT THIS: This one cuts across genders and age groups in its truly engaging gameplay - if you're in doubt, this is the game to gift! The game uses 3 LR44 batteries which are commonly available once they run out

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