Dog Anxiety Relief Complete Calming Treats for Dogs for Reducing Stress 100 Natural Pet Calm Supplement Soft Chews

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  • FOR A MORE CALM & RELAXED DOG THE NATURAL WAY. We present to you our dog calming treats that have been clinically proven to naturally aid in alleviating stress, dog separation anxiety, nervousness, stress-induced behavior problems, and/or social anxiety. Add to your cart to experience less nervous behavior and barking fits today!
  • BE THE SMART PET PARENT WHO PLANNED AHEAD. Look after your loved pups by helping them to cope with environmentally-induced stressful situations. Our Complete Calm supplements help dogs endure thunderstorms, fireworks, grooming and nail trimming visits, loud noises, and other hypersensitivities.
  • YOUR DOG WILL MAKE A BETTER TRAVELING PARTNER. There’s no denying the fun in traveling with your dog, but the barking fits, road sickness, and nervous behavior can take away from the enjoyment. Don’t let getting home be your favorite part of your trip. You can prevent motion sickness and the misery of high anxiety in your dog travel with our pet proven anti anxiety dog calming aid. Also may act as a dog sleep aid for car rides.
  • SAFE & EFFECTIVE NATURAL HERBAL INGREDIENTS. Every ingredient is formulated to help relieve stress, calm nerves, reduce anxiety, and alleviate GI disturbances, such as travel sickness and nausea. The blend of herbs - Chamomile Flower, Passion Flower, Ginger Root, and Tryptophan promotes a relaxed and anti stress dog. Safe for your dog with no side effects as typically seen in dog anxiety medication.
  • MADE IN USA & EASY TO GIVE TO YOUR DOG. Complete Calm Chews are easy to give alone or crumble on top of your dog’s food. The calming bites can be used in conjunction with the calming collar or thunder shirts for dog. Contains 1 bottle (100 soft chews).

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