Dish Scrubber for Dishwashing (5 PK Mix)

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  • Dish Scrubber for Dishwashing (5 PK Mix) | Net Cloth Scrubber/Washcloth/Dish Rag Cloths | No Odor Smell Like Sponge or Dishcloths | Stocking Stuffers for Women Mom
  • 100% Polyester
  • ✓ Durable: One Dish Scrubber lasts longer than Kitchen Washcloths, Dish Cloths or Sponges; Each Korean style kitchen scrubber for dishes has two layers for extra strength and durability.
  • ✓ 100% Non scratch: No scratch guaranteed. Use the dish scrubbies on all surfaces. Dish scrub most materials and it won't scratch chrome, copper, stainless steel, anodized surfaces, non-stick cookware, glass, crystal, porcelain, china and ceramics.
  • ✓ Low maintenance: Each Dish Scrubbies for dishes is dishwasher and washing machine safe. Clean replacement to dish cloths, dish rag, sponges or washcloth. Our dish scrub has No odor or smells.
  • ✓ No sponge odors: No more smelly dish rags, sponges, scrubbing pads or dishcloths. Quick drying and non absorbent material prevents foul odors.
  • ✓ Food rinses out easily: Our dish rags scrubber rinses easily. Even eggs and cheese wash out easily.

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