Difusers for Essential Oils - Easy to Use Aromatherapy Oil Air Defuser and Humidifier

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  • UNIQUE ULTRASONIC TECHNOLOGY – Our ultrasonic difusers for essential oils uses less oil than other defusers and vaporizes without the use of heat. Peaceful, quiet and temperature safe—you’ll feel the benefits without noticing it’s on.
  • OIL DIFUSERS FOR ESSENTIAL OILS CAN HELP PURIFY YOUR HOME – Our essential oils difusser helps spread the benefits of aromatherapy by circulating cleansing compounds throughout the air that help keep outside annoyances away and leave your home smelling clean and fresh. With so many defusser essential oils to choose from, the possibilities are endless!
  • DIFUSERS CAN PROMOTE TRANQUILITY SO YOU PERFORM BETTER – All of our diffusor models offer 4 mist modes that release a gentle cool mist of calming essential oils and aroma into your home. Difusers can help you feel more relaxed, focused, and energized, boosting your mental and physical performance, and this is one of the best oil defusers you can get!
  • FULL RANGE OF COLORS TO SUIT EVERY MOOD – Say goodbye to boring defusers with oil. Simply flip a switch on the defusser and choose from moonlight white, firefly green, aquamarine teal, galaxy purple, sunset red, mellow yellow and mystic blue, or let them shuffle automatically. This defusser is even suitable as a comforting night light for children, too!

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