Complete Nutrition Reclaim Whey Protein Powder + Probiotics 20g Protein, Gluten Free, Stevia Sweetened, 21.8oz Tub

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Complete Nutrition Reclaim Whey Protein + Probiotics is ideal for people seeking a clean, and naturally flavored protein alternative or for those individuals needing assistance with digestion or breaking down dairy proteins. It has 20g of micro-filtered whey protein that ensures you stay full and assists in boosting your metabolism.
  • FORMULATED FOR ACTIVE LIFESTYLES:  Each serving of Complete Nutrition high protein powder contains 20g of micro-filtered whey protein and only 120 calories to support your busy lifestyle and ensure you stay feeling full.
  • MICRO-FILTERED WHEY PROTEIN:  Formulated with whey protein concentrate and lactase, our fast digesting protein has an extremely high bioavailability rate and is easier for individuals with dairy intolerance to digest.  
  • DIGESTIVE ENZYMES & PROBIOTICS: The inclusion of digestive enzymes and probiotics help regulate healthy gut function and assist the breakdown of lactose, making for a much smoother digestion.
  • NO ADDED SUGAR:  Naturally flavored and Stevia sweetened, Reclaim Whey Protein Powder has a smooth, delicious taste with zero added sugar.
  • 20 DAY SUPPLY: Includes (1) 21.8oz Tub of Reclaim Whey Protein Powder + Probiotics.

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