BRI Nutrition 5 HTP 100mg 120 Veg. Capsules : Supports Depression & Anxiety Relief/Boosts Serotonin Production/Sleep Aid Supplement

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About the product
  • NATURAL MOOD ENHANCER: Serotonin is the hormone responsible for mood, hunger, sleep & social function. Unfortunately, factors such as age & stress can decrease serotonin production, leading to moods similar to depression / anxiety, insomnia, fatigue & an overall negative mood. When taken orally, 5HTP can be used by your body to create serotonin to increase its levels—this leads to a noticeable boost in your mood, sleep, & overall day-to-day as you feel HAPPIER, RELAXED & MORE POSITIVE.
  • OVERALL RELAXATION: 5-HTP ( hydroxytryptophan ) can help maintain a stable, healthy level of serotonin to keep you feeling POSITIVE & ENERGETIC, while having added benefits such as helping with APPETITE SUPPRESSION and promoting RESTFUL SLEEP at night. Our veggie pills are designed for quick time release so you can feel IMMEDIATE, UPLIFTING RESULTS. Increased serotonin can also help increase levels of natural melatonin, which controls your sleep & wake cycles.

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