BONAI LCD Universal Battery Charger

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  • Multi-Function: Independent charging slot. It can random charge up to 4 batteries of 1.2V AA/AAA/C/D size, or 2 batteries of 9V Ni-MH/Ni-CD rechargeable batteries at the same time. One battery charged at one time is workable
  • LCD Display: You can observe the charging process of the batteries directly & clearly through the LCD and the LED is only for 9V Battery , please note the LED will be light all the time when charge Ni-MH 9V battery and LED will be turn off when charge other 9V battery are finished .The charging time depend on the capacity of the battery
  • Super Rapid Charging Time: Charging the battery AA/AAA/C/D with the current 1A, making charging 5 times faster that the normal one. Less than 5 hours to fully charged the AA/AAA/C/D batteries, and less than 12 hours to fully charged the 9V batteries
  • Smart Switch & Claimshell Cover Design: Press the discharge botton to discharge the battery, and the charger will restore to charging mode when discharging is completed; Special claimshell cover design can well protect children and the old from danger, also prevent the interference from outside environment when charging
  • Over Temperature Protection: This battery charger will automatically power off when battery's or charger's temperature exceeds 60℃. No need to guard and can ensure the security anytime.

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