200 Pack Disposable Paper Hand Towels

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  • 200 Pack Disposable Paper Hand Towels For High End Parties, Weddings, Dinners, And Events | Soft Air-Laid Disposable Guest Towel | Disposable Bathroom Napkins-White | Thick And Absorbent Paper Napkins
  • ELEGANT APPEARANCE, LUXURIOUS & SOFT HAND TOWELS - Air-laid technology makes each towel surprisingly soft and supple to the touch and they are very gentle on your sensitive areas, helping you enjoy a comfortable clean feeling no matter where you use them.
  • EXQUISITE STRENGTH - This handtowel’s durability delivers that linen like feel that’s hard to tear. Guests at your events and parties will love using it to wipe their hands and cheeks clean at the table and you’ll love using it to keep your hands and cheeks clean in the facilities behind the scenes.
  • PHENOMENAL ABSORPTION - Airlaid manufacturing process allows our towels to absorb huge quantities of liquid like a sponge. All you have to do is lay it on top of the liquid spill and it will begin siphoning it up.
  • MULTIPURPOSE - Their quality makes them widely useful in a huge range of applications. They are a must have for your fashionable dinner napkins, bathroom countertop, outdoor events, messy kitchens or greasy garages.
  • PERFECT SIZE MEASURES 12” X 17” WHEN UNFOLDED, 8.5” X 4” WHEN FOLDED - It’s the perfect size to accent the elegance at the dining table or as a handsome hand towel next to the sink or for compact and convenient storage in the cupboard.

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