Benefiber Prebiotic Fiber Supplement, 190 Servings

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Benefiber is a clear, taste-free, 100% natural prebiotic fiber supplement you can add to almost anything. The possibilities are simply endless and clearly healthy!

  • Non-Thickening
  • 100% Natural Prebiotic Fiber Supplement
  • Gluten-Free, Grit-Free, Sugar-Free and Taste-Free
Your digestive system, or gut, is a marvelously intelligent and sensitive fuel system. Its amazing construction is designed to break down foods and absorb their nutrients so that they can be converted into energy and other forms that the body can use. Being the central nutritional hub gives your gut a star role in your total well-being. When in balance, your digestive system contributes to your health in several ways, including keeping a balance with your bacteria, so the bad does not overwhelm the gastrointestinal tract, and by playing a key role in regulating appetite through its satiety effect.

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