8" Golden Pothos Hanging Basket

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  • 1- 8” Pothos Hanging Basket
  • Indoor Plant
  • Easy Care

The Pothos is part of the Epipremnum genus known for tree climbing in its natural habitat. Featuring rich green vines, the Pothos is aesthetically versatile as it looks beautiful both hanging and climbing allowing it to transform an indoor space into a sprawling jungle sanctuary. Golden Pothos has beautiful variegated leaves of green and yellow and is a hardy choice for beginner plant parents.

Product Details:
Type: Golden Pothos
Quantity: 1- 8” Hanging Basket
Shipping Size: 8” x 8” x 20”
Shipping Age: 1 year
USDA Zone: 10-11
Light Needs: Bright indirect sunlight.
Water Needs: Water the soil until damp. Allow excess water to drain and allow the soil to slightly dry between waterings.
Flowering Season: Indoor
Flower Color: N/A
Growth Habit: Columnar
Mature Height: 8 in
Mature Spread: 25 in
Special Features: Easy care
Landscape uses: Indoor

This product does not ship to Hawaii, Alaska or Puerto Rico.

In a fast-paced world individuals are searching for a moment of peace and a breath of fresh air. With readily accessible natural spaces becoming scarce, people are turning to house plants to reintroducenature into lives. The benefits of owning house plants are no secret; they lower stress, provide purpose, and improve over-all quality of life. Owning plants is a way for us to nurture life,

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