2-pack ZZ Plant in Grower Pots

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  • Indoor House Plant
  • Air Purifying Recognized by NASA
  • Easy Care Plant

Product Details
  • Type: indoor house plant
  • Quantity: 2- 6” ZZ plants
  • Shipping Size (to member): Height: 18” Width: 6”
  • Shipping Age (to member): 12 months
  • USDA Zone: 9-10
  • Light Needs: Medium to low light, avoiding direct sunlight.
  • Water Needs: Allow the soil to dry between watering. Plants are at more risk of overwatering than underwatering.
  • Flowering Season: N/A
  • Flower Color: N/A
  • Growth Habit: Columnar
  • Mature Height: 20”
  • Mature Spread: 8”
  • Special Features: Air purifying recognized by NASA
  • Landscape Uses: Indoor

Planting Tips & Instructions
ZZ plants are native to Africa and closely related to elephant ears. ZZ has rhizomatous (bulbous) roots which store water, allowing it to tolerate drought-like conditions. This is a very easy care plants and a hardy plant variety.

TEMPERATURE: Maintain between 60-90F.

FERTILIZER: Apply a balanced houseplant fertilizer at 1/2 strength only if leaves begin to look pale green or yellow.

This product cannot ship to Hawaii, Alaska or Puerto Rico.

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